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Joel Barlow High School Football

Mission Statement



Here at Joel Barlow High School we look to develop players and affect four vital aspects: their life, their academics, their athletic ability, and their future. With these considerations in mind, our mission is to:

1) Establish a culture in the program where we mold young people so that our community would be proud to call them their own


2) Ensure that we have done everything in our power to get our athletes to succeed academically so they have the choice of what they want to do after their time in high school is done



3) Teach these young men the skills that will allow them to be successful in every phase of their life


4) Help each athlete reach their maximum potential on the field and build a program that competes year in and year out

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by posted 11/11/2019

Up Next for the Falcons 


Another week goes by; another win for the Falcons.  This time it was Stratford that came into Redding and suffered a defeat at the hands of Barlow, 42-7.  This one was special as it was Senior Night, so the win sent the seniors off with a good feeling and guaranteed them a winning season.  However, this is where the season becomes real.  With two games remaining, the Falcons find themselves in the 11th spot and only the top 8 make the playoffs.  With that being said, Barlow needs to win at least one of the next two games to remain in the conversation and hope they can get in.  Their first chance will be against Newtown, who is a perennially tough team.

        The Falcons will be playing their last home game of the year this week.  The Nighthawks have been stout this year and they come into the game with an outstanding 8-0 record.  They have taken on some heavy hitters in the likes of Fairfield Prep, Shelton and West Haven.  The Falcons need to come into the game with a belief that they can win and an emotional high knowing that a win would go a long way to getting them into the playoffs.  The motto for the week: “WHY NOT US!”  

When the Nighthawks are on offense, they are going to be balanced with their run and pass.  They look to use many different formations and lots of plays to try to confuse and take advantage of their opponents.  They use two quarterbacks and are very disciplined.  Their quarterbacks can both throw and are good at keeping the play going as the pocket breaks down.  Barlow’s defense has got to be tough against the run and not give up the big pass play.  Make Newtown work their way down the field and make them take time to do it.    

Defensively, Newtown is a 3-4 team.  However, in the past they have shown a 5-2 look and been very aggressive to the LOS against teams in this offense.  Don’t be surprised to see them come into the game and crowd the line with 6 or 7 players and see if they can blow up the play before Barlow can get out of the backfield.  Newtown may stack their inside LBs and try to bring pressure or confuse Barlow’s line with this.  They traditionally have some size that they use to their advantage.  Barlow needs to keep drives alive and the ball and clock moving.  The key to this game is going to be on the line and whether or not they can withstand the pressure of Newtown’s defensive line and if Barlow’s backs can make plays and not turn the ball over.

        Barlow has to focus in on this game and not peek ahead to Thanksgiving or to the playoff picture.  The mindset all year has been to go 1-0 each week.  This week is no exception.  This week could be monumental step in a possible playoff run and one of the biggest wins in program history.  The team will need each and every player to do their job to maximum effort on each and every play.  If done correctly, why can we be the team to beat Newtown?  Game time is Friday at 7 PM in Redding.  Come on out and support your Falcons!!!


by posted 11/04/2019
Froshmore Team
As a staff we just wanted to update everyone about the Froshmore schedule. We were upset to find that the Froshmore team would not play for several weeks, just as I'm sure many of you were. However, some of the circumstances were beyond our control. First, due to the Triple E threat, the Tolland game got moved from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. This meant that the extra Froshmore game that we had scheduled with Bethel was now in conflict with the varsity game and had to be cancelled. We then were informed about Notre Dame not having any teams under the Varsity level. After finding that out we tried to pick up a game for that week. We reached out to several teams, but all of the teams were either already scheduled or could not play when we were able to. Mr. Santangeli even went as far as to try to petition the state to allow our froshmore team to play during our bye week. The state unfortunately rejected out request and therefore we could not schedule a game for this week. It is truly our intention to make sure that we give our players every opportunity to practice and to play in order to make sure that they are getting better each and every day. Mr. Santangeli and I have already been in discussion about ensuring that the remaining froshmore games are played as scheduled or at least are rescheduled if need be to make sure that the boys will have no less than 8 games. Just as a quick note, there was a change to the Branford froshmore game, it will now be played at 2:30 on the 26th of October. We look forward to continue working with the boys and giving them every opportunity to get better.
Coach Cav

by posted 10/07/2019
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